Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Dehydrator and my New Life!

GOOD morning my awesome RAW Family!!

My last post was about my dehydrator blowing up and I mean it blew up big time!!! I was so excited that my AH ordered me a new one and I was waiting like a little girl on Christmas eve sleeping with one eye open waiting on the jolly guy with the red coat. I was elated when the day it arrived, my AH just happened to be outside washing the cars when it arrived. He had just as big a grin on his face as I did as he carried the box in and looked over towards me. I kept thinking "MY HERO", as he sat the box gently down upon the counter. Okay, I was going into fairytale mode but you get my enthusiasm, don't you? LOL!! So, I opened the box (my AH helped) and we set it up in the place we had dedicated "food blower station" in our kitchen. I started pulling out all the recipes that had collected while waiting on the dehydrator to arrive. To say the least, sheer joy was in our household. The kids were happy and jumping around (although my two year old wasn't quite sure of the "why" but she was more than excited to jump around anyway). I will say that I have had the dehydrator for a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying all the wonderful creations that I am able to make with it. From banana chips to jalapeno sun burgers, I am truly satisfied but my real reason for having this dehydrator is so that I can take the next step of my journey in to being "The RAW Twinkie", a raw food chef. I know that you should be prepared with the very best when embarking upon such an amazing life so "Excalibur" is truly the way to go. I am going through my RAW chef certification class today so that I may gain additional knowledge in the field of becoming a raw chef. I also would love to take (I am putting this our there into the universe) some classes through Living Light Culinary art Institute. I am just taking my life one day at a time and enjoying the steps that I am taking to get where I want to be.

Love to you all and have a FABULOUS life!!